Year Season Venue Winner
1986 Summer Upminster GC S. Waller
1987 Spring Lamberhurst GC M.Moore
1988 Spring Cooden Beach GC M.Dennis
1988 Weekend The Belfry GC C. Murrell
1988 Summer Upminster GC S. Kemp
1989 Spring West Essex GC M. Dennis
1989 Weekend The Belfry GC A. Taylor
1989 Autumn Woodlands Manor GC T. Bland
1990 Winter Dartford GC A. Murrell
1990 Spring Upminster GC C. O'Keefe
1990 Weekend The Cambridge GC I. Smith
1990 Summer Broome Park GC M. Barnes
1990 Autumn Five Lakes GC T. Malin
1991 Winter Dartford GC C. Mills
1991 Spring Gatton Manor GC B. Aldridge
1991 Weekend The Cambridge GC P. Green
1991 Summer Upminster GC S. Kemp
1991 Autumn Cherry Lodge GC R. James
1992 Winter Dartford GC G. Breeze
1992 Spring Faversham GC A. Taylor
1992 Weekend Meon Valley GC R. Murrell
1992 Summer Upminster GC C. Murrell
1992 Autumn Cobtree Park GC P. Legg
1993 Winter Herne Bay GC C. Murrell
1993 Weekend Meon Valley GC I. Smith
1993 Summer Royal Eastbourne GC A. Murrell
1993 Autumn Faversham GC D. Bland
1994 Winter Broome Park GC M. Dennis
1994 Spring Thorndon Park GC P. Green
1994 Weekend St. Pierre GC D. Bland
1994 Summer Three Rivers GC C. Johnson
1994 Autumn Faversham GC S. Waller
1995 Winter Broome Park GC W. Meloy
1995 Spring Scene Valley GC S. Kemp
1995 Weekend Abbotsley GC M. James
1995 Summer Gatton Manor GC D. Peters
1995 Autumn Faversham GC S. Waller
1996 Winter Royal Blackheath GC C. O'Keefe
1996 Spring Kingsdown GC S. O'Bierne
1996 Weekend Barnham Broome GC R. James
1996 Summer Three Rivers GC T. Malin
1996 Autumn Upminster GC T. Malin
1997 Winter Broome Park GC A. Taylor
1997 Spring West Kent GC A. Murrell
1997 Weekend Barnham Broome GC C. O'Keefe
1997 Summer Sundrige Park GC M. Taylor
1997 Autumn Hemstead Forest GC P. Miles
1998 Winter Sundridge Park GC P. Chapman
1998 Spring Mannings Heath GC P. Miles
1998 Weekend The Abbey GC M. Dennis
1998 Summer Princes GC P. Green
1998 Autumn Broughton Park GC G. Breeze
1999 Winter Sundridge Park GC P. Miles
1999 Spring North Foreland GC P. Legg
1999 Weekend The Abbey GC I. Smith
1999 Summer Mannings Heath GC R. Murrell
1999 Autumn West Essex GC S. Kemp
2000 Winter Sundridge Park GC C. Johnson
2000 Spring Faversham GC S. Kemp
2000 Weekend Wensum Valley GC C. Johnson
2000 Summer West Kent GC A. Pruce
2000 Autumn Hever GC C. Mills
2001 Spring Nizels GC M. James
2001 Weekend Wokefield Park GC D. Bland
2001 Summer Thorndon Park GC G. Breeze
2001 Autumn Canterbury GC I. Smith
2002 Winter Park Wood GC A. Murrell
2002 Spring Cottesmore GC B. Aldridge
2002 Weekend Dunston Hall GC C. Murrell
2002 Summer Chartham Park GC G. Haskins
2002 Autumn The Warren GC A. Taylor
2003 Winter Southern Valley GC R. Murrell
2003 Spring Nizels GC S. Bassan
2003 Weekend Dunstons Hall GC C. Johnson
2003 Summer Thorndon Park GC G. Haskins
2003 Autumn Crowborough Beacon GC C. O'Keefe
2004 Winter Birchwood Park GC I. Smith
2004 Spring St. Augustines GC A. Murrell
2004 Weekend Sprowston Manor GC G. Breeze
2004 Summer Lydd GC R. James
2004 Autumn Chart Hills GC R. Murrell
2005 Winter Lingfield GC P. Chapman
2005 Spring Upminster GC A. Taylor
2005 Weekend Belton Woods GC S. Kemp
2005 Summer Kingsdown GC M. Barnes
2005 Autumn Chart Hills GC A. Taylor
2006 Winter Dartford GC D. Bland
2006 Spring Lingfield GC T. Fitzgerald
2006 Weekend Belton Woods GC W. Meloy
2006 Summer Kingswood GC B. Aldridge
2006 Autumn Westerham GC M. James
2007 Winter Broke Hill GC A. Wood
2007 Spring Faversham GC G. Breeze
2007 Weekend La Sella GC, Spain M. Dennis
2007 Summer Lamberhurst GC R. James
2007 Autumn Blecthingley GC  
2008 Winter Chislehurst GC D. Borland
2008 Spring Kingswood GC K. Jull
2008 Weekend Botley Park GC D. Peters
2008 Summer Seaford GC M. Dennis
2008 Autumn Bletchingley GC S. Tite
2009 Winter Birchwood GC P. Legg
2009 Spring The Nevill GC P. Green
2009 Weekend Botley Park GC D. Newman
2009 Summer Cooden Beach GC G. Breeze
2009 Autumn Sundridge Park GC M. Dennis
2010 Winter Edenbridge GC S. Kemp
2010 Spring Copthorne GC R. Murrell
2010 Weekend Stoke by Nayland GC M. Moore
2010 Summer Sweetwoods GC I. Smith
2010 Autumn Sundridge Park GC B. Aldridge
2011 Winter Pedham Place GC G. Breeze
2011 Spring Gatton Manor GC T. Malin
2011 Weekend Stoke by Nayland GC D. Borland
2011 Summer Faversham GC A. Cunningham
2011 Autumn Sundridge Park GC D. Newman
2012 Winter Canterbury GC P. Blade
2012 Spring Abridge GC D. Driscoll
2012 Weekend Villaitana GC, Spain A. Cunningham
2012 Summer Langley Park GC D. Burns
2012 Autumn Sundridge Park GC D. Burns
2013 Winter The Hertfordshire GC B. Harkin
2013 Spring Theydon GC N. O'Keeffe
2013 Weekend Donnington Valley GC N. O'Keeffe
2013 Summer Kingswood GC P. Miles
2013 Autumn Sundridge Park GC P. Legg
2013 Winter Broke Hill GC S. Kemp
2013 Spring Silvermere GC S. Bassan
2014 Weekend Donnington Valley GC M. Barnes
2014 Summer The Nevill GC I. Smith
2014 Autumn Royal Blackheath GC M. Moore
2015 Winter Upminster GC P. Miles
2015 Spring Chartham Park GC B. James
2015 Weekend Villaitana GC, Spain D. Borland
2015 Summer Rochford Hundred GC P. Green
2015 Autumn Royal Blackheath GC S. Bassan
2016 Winter Dartford GC A. Murrell jnr
2016 Spring Shirley Park GC M. James
2016 Weekend Alto GC, Portugal B. Aldridge
2016 Summer Abridge GC D. O'Flynn
2016 Autumn Shooters Hill GC L. Murrell
2017 Winter Wildernesse GC D. Butler
2017 Spring Knole Park GC T. Perella
2017 Weekend Whitefields GC N. O'Keeffe
2017 Summer Chart Hills GC C. O'Keefe
2017 Autumn The Addington GC T. Fitzgerald
2018 Winter Effingham GC A. Murrell
2018 Spring Littlestone GC G. Holloway
2018 Weekend Penina GC S. Tite
2018 Summer Royal Eastbourne GC A. Taylor
2018 Autumn Abridge GC C.O'Keefe
2019 Winter Kingswood GC S. Kemp
2019 Spring Ashford GC M. James
2019 Weekend Penina GC T. Perella
2019 Summer Westerham GC D. Butler
2019 Autumn Chart Hills GC P. Miles
2020 Winter    
2020 Spring    
2020 Weekend Vila Sol GC  
2020 Summer Boughton GC G. Holloway
2020 Autumn    
2021 Winter    
2021 Spring    
2021 Weekend Vila Sol GC  
2021 Summer    
2021 Autumn    






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