Roll of Honour

Year by Year, Click on name to go to winners course.

Year Winter Spring Weekend Summer Autumn Match Play
1986       S. Waller    
1987   M. Moore        
1988   M. Dennis C. Murrell S. Kemp    
1989   M. Dennis A. Taylor   T. Bland  
1990 A. Murrell C. O'Keefe I. Smith M. Barnes T. Malin  
1991 C. Mills B. Aldridge P. Green S. Kemp R. James  
1992 G. Breeze A. Taylor R. Murrell C. Murrell P. Legg  
1993 C. Murrell Void I. Smith A. Murrell D. Bland  
1994 M. Dennis P. Green D. Bland C. Johnson S. Waller  
1995 W. Meloy S. Kemp M. James D. Peters S. Waller  
1996 C. O'Keefe S. O'Beirne R. James T. Malin T. Malin  
1997 A. Taylor A. Murrell C. O'Keefe M. Taylor P. Miles  
1998 P. Chapman P. Miles M. Dennis P. Green G. Breeze  
1999 P. Miles P. Legg I. Smith R. Murrell S. Kemp  
2000 C. Johnson S. Kemp C. Johnson A. Pruce C. Mills  
2001 Void M. James D. Bland G. Breeze I. Smith  
2002 A. Murrell click C. Murrell G. Haskins A. Taylor  
2003 R. Murrell S. Bassan C. Johnson G. Haskins C. O'Keefe  
2004 I. Smith A. Murrell G. Breeze R. James R. Murrell  
2005 P. Chapman A. Taylor S. Kemp M. Barnes A. Taylor  
2006 D. Bland T. Fitzgerald B. Meloy B. Aldridge click  
2007 A. Wood G. Breeze M. Dennis R. James Void  
2008 D. Borland K. Jull D. Peters M. Dennis S. Tite  
2009 P. Legg P. Green D. Newman G. Breeze M. Dennis  
2010 S. Kemp R. Murrell M. Moore I. Smith B. Aldridge S.Tite
2011 G. Breeze T. Malin D. Borland A. Cunningham D. Newman T. Malin
2012 P. Blades D. Driscoll A. Cunningham D. Burns D. Burns D. Thornhill
2013 B. Harkin N. O'Keeffe N. O'Keeffe P. Miles P. Legg D. Thornhill
2014 S. Kemp S. Bassan M. Barnes I. Smith M. Moore  
2015 P. Miles B. James D. Borland P. Green S. Bassan  
2016 A. Murrell jnr M. James B. Aldridge D. O'Flynn L. Murrell  
2017 D. Butler T. Perella N. O'Keeffe C. O'Keefe T. Fitzgerald  
2018 A. Murrell G. Holloway S. Tite A. Taylor C. O'Keefe  
2019 S. Kemp M. James T. Perella D. Butler P. Miles  
2020   D. Driscoll   G. Holloway L. Murrell  


Left hand list is overall points gained for finishing in the top ten of a singles event, days out and singles at the weekend away, 10pts for first to 1pt for tenth, half points where scores are tied.

Right hand list amount of single event wins.

1 I. Smith 407pts S. Kemp 8 wins
2 S. Kemp 379pts P. Miles 8 wins
3 C. O'Keefe 371.5pts G. Breeze 7 wins
4 M. Dennis 357pts C. O'Keefe 7 wins
5 P. Green 347.5pts I. Smith 7 wins
6 A. Taylor 318pts B. Aldridge 6 wins
7 R. Murrell 307pts P. Green 6 wins
8 M. James 302.5pts A. Murrell snr 6 wins
9 C. Johnson 291pts A. Taylor 6 wins
10 T. Malin 269.5pts S. Bassan 5 wins
11 B. Aldridge 262.5pts P. Legg 5 wins
12 R. James 258.5pts R. Murrell 5 wins
13 S. O'Beirne 254pts M. Dennis 4 wins
14 S. Bassan 235.5pts M. James 4 wins
15 P. Chapman 226pts R. James 4 wins
16 C. Murrell 227.5pts T. Malin 4 wins
17 P. Miles 226pts M. Barnes 3 wins
18 S. Waller 223pts D. Bland 3 wins
19 G. Breeze 213pts P. Chapman 3 wins
20 A. Murrell snr 213pts G. Haskins 3 wins
21 D. Peters 205.5pts C. Johnson 3 wins
22 M. Barnes 195.5pts D. Peters 3 wins
23 D. Newman 171.5pts S. Waller 3 wins
24 P. Legg 170.5pts D. Burns 2 wins
25 T. Fitzgerald 153pts D. Butler 2 wins
26 S. Tite 151pts A. Cunningham 2 wins
27 D. Bland 147pts D. Driscoll 2 wins
28 W. Meloy 139.5pts T. Fitzgerald 2 wins
29 D. Tite 139pts G. Holloway 2 wins
30 G. Haskins 125.5pts K. Jull 2 wins
31 K. Jull 120.5pts C. Murrell 2 wins
32 D. Thornhill 115.5pts L. Murrell 2 wins
33 B. James 109.5pts N. O'Keeffe 2 wins
34 P. Blade 93.5pts W. Meloy 2 wins
35 A. Wood 83pts T. Perella 2 wins
36 T. Bland 81pts P. Blades 1 win
37 S. Newman 72.5pts T. Bland 1 win
38 D. Borland 66pts D. Borland 1 win
39 A. Cunningham 65.5pts B. Harkin 1 win
40 A. Murrell jr 62.5pts B. Jasmes 1 win
41 L. Murrell 62pts C. Mills 1 win
42 D. Driscoll 60.5pts M. Moore 1 win
43 N. O'Keeffe 59.5pts A. Murrell jnr 1 win
44 R. Tilson 57pts S. Newman 1 win
45 D. Burns 56.5pts S. O'Beirne 1 win
46 M. Taylor 53pts D. O'Flynn 1 win
47 A. Perella 49pts A. Pruce 1 win
48 M. Kersse 47.5pts S. Sainsbury 1 win
49 B. Harkin 46pts D. Tite 1 win
50 T. Perella 44.5pts S. Tite 1 win
51 G. Holloway 44pts M. Taylor 1 win
52 M. Holley 42.5pts A. Wood 1 win
53 C. Mills 39pts    
54 S. O'Keefe 37pts    
55 S. Sainsbury 33.5pts    
56 D. Butler 33pts    
57 D. O'Flynn 30pts    
58 C. Turner 29.5pts    
59 G. Duffin 23pts    
60 T. James 22pts    
61 P. Chambers 17pts    
62 A. Pruce 16.5pts    
63 A. Buchan 15pts    
63 I. Hart 15pts    
65 D. Guildford 12.5pts    
66 N. Gates 11pts    
67 T. Holley 9pts    
67 D. Wells 9pts    
67 D. Pitton 9pts    
70 T. Boyle 8pts    
70 G. Morgan 8pts    
70 J. Perfect 8pts    
70 D. Tweedie 8pts    
70 J. Middleton 5pts    
70 C. Barham 4pts    
76 P. Marron 4pts    
77 H. Gannon 2.5pts    
78 D. Lockwood 2pts    
78 M. Doughty 1.5pts    
79 G. Gladdish 1.5pts    
80 S. Baldwin 1pt    
81 G. Bowey 1pt    
81 C. O'Keefe snr 1pt    
83 D. Newman jr 0.5pt    
83 M. Moore 9pts    




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